SONY TR-650 classic transistor radio - Stylish Sony-quality vintage-tech transistor radio made in Japan


Sony Antique Radio For Sale By Wiki Electronics & Luusama

Beautiful high-style black and gold Sony TR-650. This classic little Sony is the follow-up to their immensely successful TR-610 and TR-620 models, the products that really put Sony on the map. Setting this TR-650 model apart are its crisp styling and unique surface "pebble finish," its bold speaker grille design, and its hinged aluminum battery door.

Super clean inside and out. Works, but not as well as it should. I tested it and it got many stations but they were distorted and at low volume.

This little radio measures 2-3/8 inches wide by 3-3/4 inches tall. 6 transistors. Made in Japan.

ONLY US$180.00 including shipping fee worldwide.

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