Sony Walkman WM-30 tape player stereo Red maintenance 1984 retro By Wiki Electronics & Luusama



A rare initial type before the WALKMAN logo enters the body.
Each part cleaning, resurrection processing, drive system parts replacement, sound adjustment, etc.
An overhauled finished product that is indispensable for continued use.
Can be used with two batteries.

There is almost no noise or excessive noise that is common in cassettes.
There is a powerful good sound.
The built-in hotline is also working.

Inner / outer basic cleaning, machine part cleaning, reassembly, main belt replacement,
Clean the earphone mouth, clean the head part and finish the mirror, replace and clean the rollers. Cleaning of volume parts. Motor revival work.
Azimuth adjustment, speed adjustment.
Check each operation.
Play, stop, fast forward, rewind, pause, cue review, auto shut off.
Long-term motion test, hearing test by actual listening.

A measuring instrument is used for speed adjustment, wow and flutter measurement, and azimuth adjustment.
The repair process uses appropriate chemicals and oils.

US$999 including shipping fee worldwide .

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